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Unhandle Exception?


Okay, so I downloaded Horizon today, and I was using it fine for the most part, but when I go to click almost anything I get this error, and have to force close Horizon. I’m on Windows 10, and every tip I’ve gotten was to disable aero, but I have no clue how I would do so in Windows 10. Is it just incompatible with the newest Windows 10 update?


I’m on the newest Windows 10 update and Horizon is working just fine for me. If it were an issue with you using aero Horizon would most likely have red Xs across it. If you never set an aero theme than I doubt that’s the issue. Possibly try reinstalling Horizon or search through other Horizon support topics for a possible fix.


There were red lines, the screenshot was from when I tried running it in Compatibility with Win7. Does that change anything? I’ve reinstalled Horizon three times.


Sorry, I didn’t even look at your screenshot before. You don’t need to run Horizon in Compatibility with Win7. It works perfectly fine with Win 10 for most users and myself. I’m kind of out of the loop with Horizon fixes as it’s been a while since I helped someone with an issue like this. And there’s those certain cases where no matter what you do to try and fix it it just won’t work. I will do some research to see if I can offer any solutions, but in the meantime check the Horizon support topics and Google for possible fixes.


I appreciate your help, I have searched pretty extensively through these forums and Google, but to no avail. I will eagerly await any response but in the meantime will look for another way to resign saves.


Hello, i have the same issue. I’ve tried the solutions you given (Disable Aero, Update Framework 3.5, reinstalled Horizon…) but nothing works yet. I’m on Windows 10 whit the last update. Anyone has found a solution ?
zerofuture67407 did you found a solution ? There is no dev here to help us ? thanks


Honestly I just downgraded my PC to Windows 8.1. I had been meaning to honestly, even on my 2014 era desktop Windows 10 was being sluggish no matter what I did.