Unhandled exception error

hello guys :slight_smile:

I am trying to use Horizon on my win10 laptop but i keep getting an error message ‘Unhanded Exception has occurred in your application…’

It will not let me click continue or cross the error message. I have to go task manager to end task:(

Could anyone help me please. I have the Diamond subscription too.

thank you

You will need to uninstall the newest windows update if you wish to use Horizon.

hi chris tyvm for your reply, could you tell me know to please.I am win10 latest. thank you :slight_smile:

I have uninstalled windows updates as in your link but I am still getting that error. Any other advice? I have tried googling it but haven’t found a fix for this. Thank you

As far as we know it is caused by windows update 1809 and the only fix would be to uninstall it, you probably have to restart after doing that.

There is a work-around.

When you open the programme and you want to extract a game save or profile just highlight it left click and drag it to the desktop and it’s extracted no problem and just do the same when you want to save back to USB, drag the files into Horizon simple.

This fixes the issue until a permanent fix is found.

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