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Unhandled Exception


That’s what i thought, but i can use the editor just fine, add cars and all, so this is why i am wondering if it maybe something else.


Is he modding his profile or gamesave?


His game save, he is trying to add unicorn cars to his garage, he can mod his level and such but when he go to mod his garage it brings up an error, the error reads something like this.

It maybe something with the tool it’s self but like i said i am able to mod my stuff with no problem.


The problem was fixed once again, it ha been fine for about an hour.

Thanks again VeNiiM, thanks for the hard work over teamviewer getting this problem fixed :smile:


No problem man, glad i could help :smile:

Enjoy Horizon :smile:


Glad to see you got Horizon working!



i need help with this please i just upgraded to diamond and im trying to mod forza horizon but everytime i click on it it says unhandled exception PLEASE HELP


Do you realize, you just BUMPED a 4 years OLD thread ?

You can always create a NEW Topic, and provide a reference link under there, for the previous old thread, if you are having any issues.

This way, you might get a much better response/help from the Community as well.


yeah im new to this site sorry when i posted that a minute later i realized it said 2012 and i didnt know if i could delete it sorry


That’s okay, don’t worry. Sometimes it happens.

Anyways, I’m not the Mod/admin here, but when one of the STAFF member sees this thread, they will surely LOCK it, or take the appropriate action.

But meanwhile, feel free to create a NEW Topic though…:slight_smile:


ok thanks and i just created a new thread :slight_smile:


Oh dear me another late newcomer. I’m having the same problem, but you’ve not provided a link to the new thread - this would be most useful at this point - as I’m only getting two search results on my search engine and neither of those point back to a new thread you set up.

Please provide that link, many thanks, before I either uninstall this…thing, or throw this laptop out the window.



Like nick said, create a new topic. Topic hijacking/bumping is not allowed (even though the rule is not always enforced by staff).


I am getting an Unhandled Exception now on Windows 10 every time I try to extract my Resident Evil 6 save. This is what it has below,

Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click
Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If
you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

Visual Styles-related operation resulted in an error because visual styles
are currently disabled in the client area.

I also can’t click Details, Continue or Quit and I have to do a Control, Alt, Delete to bring up Task Manager to force the whole program to close. I have also tried running as Admin and it still does it.

I notice this is different from the other one posted above in this topic so this may be a new Problem to try and fix now or let me know if I need to install something to fix it.

Thanks =)