Uninstalled WeMOD however

When I install a third party trainer that has nothing to do with WeMOD, the WeMod logo appears on it and asks me to reinstall the app…and then the trainer automatically is inside the WeMod app. How do I remove WeMOD so it stops attaching to third party trainers (already uninstalled and deleted app data file)

What third-party trainer? If it installs WeMod then either A) it really isn’t a third-party trainer or B) someone has decided they love us. If it is the first there is nothing you can do about it, if it is the second you would need to contact the developer of those cheats.

It’s attaching to random.exes. For example this FLINg trainer is a standalone exe that has nothing to do with WeMOD and is suppose to execute on its on:

Now after it’s downloaded, even after WeMOD is uninstalled and appdata deleted, it still has the WeMOD logo on it and then asks me to reinstall wemod to use the trainer.

It depends on which one you download. If you download certain ones then it will be the WeMod trainer while others are a standalone.

Ahh ok perfect. I thought there may be something stuck in my registry/temp files with WeMOD that’s causing this to occur. I downloaded a different link from there and it’s on its on w/ no wemod.