Uninstalling Sleeping Dog's Error?

Of course this is a cracked version of Sleeping Dog’s but i want to uninstall the game but every time i do i get this error :confused:

Can anyone help me? :anguished:

You have an uninstall thing? Mine just installed then I deleted all the files and used glary utilities to get rid of anything else it left behind. Anyway if you do have a uninstall program, Try running it as admin.

So just deleted all this?

Then run Glary to clean up anything else?

Yes derp >.>

For a guy with two post calling people derps… LOL.

Start run, and type in %appdata% and try and find that file, delete it, then try removing it. If not, just remove the entire game directory.

You don’t know me :wink:

Let me help you start out here by reading these.

You are an idiot… use your brain. who could i be?

Hmm… Probably someone who had their account banned for breaking the rules and is violating the rules of making a second account.

I think I’ve had 40+ accounts? lmao

Sorry for the bump but the guy wants help and I didn’t see his reply.

Glary Utilities | Glarysoft

^Great tool, i was going to recommend but you beat me to it xD