Uninstalling Veteran

This is really all my games being uninstalled

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umm why

Moving them all to n empty HDD. Thought it would be cool to show 31 games being uninstalled all together in one photo

oh yea i remember doing that fun not being able to play anything while it downloads

Yeah so i moved them all and even with all files in place steam takes an awful long time to detect the files

yea when I did it i just left it going for a couple days and played on console, also how does your steam look like that?

It is a super nice theme called metro i will find a link for you

Thanks, it looks alot cleaner than the default

Yeah, main reason i got it was the OG steam seemed so bulky and over complicated, with metro it seems streamlined and simplistic. I don’t even know what the OG steam looks like anymore

like windows 98

Yeah :joy:
Sad thing is im not even that old and i still remember what it looks like some people dont even know it exists let alone there are people still willing to use it because of ports a dos-box remakes of it

what is also nice is the ability to customize it

Yeah you can do colors and all the things to make it feel like its actually yours and not our lord and savior Gabens slave machine

makes it feel like it belongs on a windows 10 pc

That was another thing before the Win 10 hype the creators of Metro where saying this is what they think the new windows will look like and they were trying to create something that would fit in to the new simplistic age of Win 10 and leave behind Win 7 who only offers better reliability when playing some older games

yea, I knew that skin folder was there just never thought it was actually for themes for steam I figured it was just one of those useless folders some things install

no if only there was something to tell me which mods are slowing down my fallout 4

Lol that would be great, that might happen when Rockstar gets faster response times on their request tickets

you mean bethesda

yeah them to i was just saying Rockstar because they have slow service times.