Unity of Command II Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@MrAntiFun Hello there! The trainer are not working anymore, could you please update?

Hey lance, Which ones are not working for you anymore?

Hey! For some reason none of them are working. After activated during the game, the prestige doesn’t increase and still decrease when use. Also the bombing is not unlimited either.

Game crash when trying to reinforce any units after activate unlimited prestige :frowning:

Yes, I have also encountered the above issues, for some unknown reason, in some scripts and screenplays they do not work. In particular, unlimited air strikes cannot be used at all, and once used, it will appear that the AI also has unlimited air strikes, regardless of whether the unlimited air strikes option is turned off after use.

Hey there, have you tried to verify your game files? Then, try again following the mod instructions provided and see if you are still experiencing it.

I simply reinstalled the entire game, and then launched the mod and the game simply didn’t work and crashed.[图片]

It’s the same as what LANCE114 reported

Aight, I’m passing it along to the team for testing and review. Will get back to you once there’s news.

It’s now in the creator’s queue to be updated. Thanks!

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The Unity of Command II cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

As of 9-6-2024. The prestige cheat crashes the game. In the kursk DLC. In the Italian return to napoli scenario.

Air strikes work. Prestige do not. And it crashes the game.

Yes this is the error i get when trying to use prestige.

Isnt it better to have a add prestige function? If that number can be found?

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