Unlimited 2 Day Trial Codes Method! [TUTORIAL]

So, I felt like posting this method since I didn’t get to post the free 3 Year Xbox Live Membership Glitch and Free 1 Month Glitch[size=14] not that I didn’t want to but I knew people would get banned sooner or later. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, this 2 Day Method has been out for a while now. About 2 People know this here on XboxMB and the rest know it from TTG and stuff . :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, you get a 2 Day Trial Code which they will send to you via email. What I have heard is that if you clear your Cache and Cookies from your Browser, you can do it unlimited times. I my self, only did it 3 times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the turorial! It’s basically the Chip bag glitch [the 14 Day one they had but into a 2 Day version. xP]

1.Click on this Link https://www.ruffleswsop.com/app/AgeGate.aspx

2.Enter a Fake Age/Year. Doesn’t matter. :stuck_out_tongue: As long as it’s over 18 Years of age.

3.Enter All Fake Info and Enter This Info Where Needed (Code:549125618 / Time Stamp: 10:50) and Make Sure The Boxes are Checked but make sure the box that says “Check here if you are a current Xbox Live Gold Member.” is unchecked

4.-In the Email section, type in your email and Click on Click Me to Verify Your Email

  1. They Will Send You A New Email With the 2 day trial gold Code and A Poker Code

  2. ENJOYYY!!

I didn’t write this

Source: new method on getting 2 Day Trial Gold! | Se7enSins Gaming Community

Have fun! Stock up as many as you can (: GTA Online is starting tomorrow!


Haha, no problem! (:

Hello I been using this method for few days.
Now it has restriced my access and cant do it anymore. I cleared all my cookies etc. Maybe there is something else I missed or maybe this site has been overused?

Pls help!!!

Its taking me to facebook ? whats the problem? and I need the trials lol I dont have live

Weird, I must have posted it late. xP It is also taking me to Facebook.
Maybe the promotion is on there site? May you check and confirm with me?

I just tried a couple times and im getting an error, finally found a tut and its already over lol…:worried:

Doesent work anymore


Doesn’t work even if u make fake fb account and search ruffles thru there

its working now. just got 2. have to use different emails though

This still works. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t know why people are saying it doesn’t… Everyone has been getting HUNDREDS of codes out of these!

I enter everything and verify it and it says thank you for registering and then i dont get an email?

Wow, awesome tutorial, thank you :smiley:

Thanks. Im just not getting any emails.

too much traffic

Sorry, I haven’t updated this.

There was a way (and there still is one) where it was supposed to give you codes and by pass the facebook redirection. But I don’t have the info anymore, sorry for the inconvenient!

No longer work, it only asked for my date of birth and directed me to a page about how they are out of codes.

Hey, guys, please close the thread! :smile:

They are out of codes! Everyone got thousands of codes out of this site (Believe me! I know!)

Thanks for everyone that used this and found it helpful!

I’m on it. Loading slow…

It’s patched… .-.

Confirm if it works.