Unlimited 2-day trial codes!

  1. Make a new Facebook account

  2. Go to this link using Google Incognito or Private Browsing on IE or Firefox:
    http://www.facebook.com/xboxie?sk=app_221991114543867 (make sure to like the page)

  3. Obtain your code

  4. Repeat

Yes, it’s a hassle, but you must make a new Facebook account to get a new code.

If someone wants my code, they can have it.


i want it please :3

I knew about this, didn’t think 48 hours were that useful to people.

Could i? :smile:

I stickied this thread. Spanks

thanks great thread :smile:


Tried this but if you create multiple Facebook accounts it eventually asks you to do a phone verification, is there a way around this?



Cool, thanks for this thread :smile:



But main thing, if anyone wants my code, here…



I have no need for it, so here:


< 3

Lemme go redeem that

Oh wait :anguished:

Hhahahahahah i see wat u did thar :laughing:

Just curious…If one were to get multiple codes, could you stack them? Or would you have to wait until one is up?

You can’t stack 48 hour codes.

How long until this is abused to kingdom come?

Send me your codes if you don’t want them!