Unlimited Death Machine Glitch! - On "FIVE" (AFTER PATCH)

  1. You must get all the way downstairs and turn the power [On] because with out the power you can NOT get the death machine.
  2. Once You get the death machine or you see the power up grab it!
  3. Then someone else NOT YOU down there self by holding a grenade.
  4. Then you let a zombie get you down because when you have the death machine you cannot hold a grenade so you let a zombie hit you down.
  5. Now once your down you must waste all of your ammo while your in last stand and someone revives your friend before he dies
  6. Once someone has revived your friend and watsed all of your ammo tell someone to revive you!
  7. When you come up you should have the death machine but you must cycle threw your weapons and you should see it!

Cool thank!

I will test this now!

Thanks for this! I am going to try this now.

zomg thats so awesome

Very nice. Always wondered how to do this.

I would try this, But I’m WAYYY to lazy.

new glitch on Five everyday pretty much keep it up just stop posting videos on youtube :confused:

i fking jizzed.


Finally a Perfect tut on how to do it, Great Find.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

check that out…

Users who go out of their way to exploit the game to grief other players. An example would be going outside of the map’s clearly defined playable boundary.

• Minor offense: Temp ban from playing the game online
• Major offense: Extended temp ban from playing the game online
• Extreme or repeat offenses: Permaban from playing the game online


just sayin… ub3r glitchers get banned. im still gonna do it, cuz i dont think they will catch me, but still

Very nice find!!

Don’t play Zombies but if I did I would use this! and I sent this to a bunch of my friends who do play and they love it!

Epic glitch, hats off to you.

3-4 day max b4 this gets patched

i need a new pair of pants now :cry: