Unlocked/International Unlocked?

I’m looking to buy a Nokia Lumia 930, but they arent sold in the US. So I went online and seen one that was unlocked and the other that was international unlocked. What’s the difference? I tried to do some research, but they only talked about it instead of explaining. Is the international unlocked version compatible with ANY company while the unlocked version is only for that country along with that country’s phone companies?

There are some frequencies in use in some parts of the world that US phones don’t support. Since that model phone is not sold in the US, you might need to go with the international unlocked model, but not necessarily. You pretty much just need to make sure that the phones frequencies match those of your service provider. I’m sure you could contact them and find out for sure.

Alright, thanks Steve. Gonna lock in my purchase. This is the phone I got, if curious.

Looks nice!

I’m going to be honest. My girlfriend had a windows phone, and it was horrible. I don’t know anything about that phone. But windows is horrible

Only thing horrible about the Windows phone are the lack of apps.