Unlocking Achievements

How many people who have diamond actually do this?
Is it more safe to unlock online with a time stamp? or just offline unlock?

and how much gamerscore can you unlock in 1 week without becoming obvious?

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i think you should go with online stamp because they already know that if you unlock alot offline that you modded it and id say about 300-500 total gamerscore per week

If you do it offline, then it is much harder to check. As long as you don’t unlock any online achievements offline or unlock them in an unreasonable order you should be fine. I got 200k in under a month without being reset.

Is that account still playable or did you end up getting banned?

Edit: If you get caught modding gamerscore on your account, is there any chance of Microsoft banning your xbox?

Playable but not on your live :wink:
I herd 5000 gamerscore a day, that max!

Offline is safe :thumbsup:

I’ve modded a previous profile of mine, modded around 18k gamerscore in 1 month. All offline, did not get caught until maybe 3 months later. When I hit the guide button and went to the left, it said 0 gamerscore, but when friends looked at my profile, my gamerscore was normal. and within 6 months, i went back to that guide screen and my gamerscore was back?

not sure if it was like a temp ban?
but I also heard, that online with timestamp is the safest possible way?

I dont know :confused: i only use offline… I dont mod them on my user… Have just tested it on some test users :smiley:

That account is playable. I use it whenever I want to play Fable 2. It has Xbox LIVE silver, so I can still go online with it whenever I please. I’m pretty sure that you’ll only be reset if you get caught. I had a couple of accounts reset when I was figuring out the correct way of doing it, but they were not banned. Just make sure that the games are synched to your account before you add achievements for them (assuming you’re getting them from the game adder).

note: Multiple offenses might result in a ban, so if you get your account reset more than once, I’d advise stopping.

i modded my gamerscore had it for 6 mouths i just wanna be reset because microsoft may have a update on it so if any of you know about gamerscore plz tell me what would happen if microsoft finds out i modded my gamerscore and how long does it take to get reset on gamerscore because its takeing a long time and my xbox live account is The Games Maker add me if u wanna talk about it or play a game thank u to whoever reading this p.s

safer to unlock offline then online. maybe about 1000-2000 gamerscore in a week, or 250 a day. If you unlock online achievements offline, then you’re flagged for a reset. Otherwise, just unlock offline achievements in the correct order and you should be fine.

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Depends really, I Unlock using a online timestamp for online achievements and switch between Online and Offline achievements.

I use to a lot more then I do now. But I was only reset the one time that I unlocked all

I was unlocking about 1500 a week. About 220 a day

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whats the new dashbord about is it just about the dashboard or is there other things

I went through this awhile back. I learned a few valuable points to keep in mind. Always unlock online even if it is offline achievements. Just looks better. Take your time when selecting the order of how they were unlocked. For instance you cant have unlocked " The Long Road Ahead" achievement in Guitar Hero 3 months before you completed all careers on all difficulties. Its not a natural unlock progression. Red flags all day in that case. Most import of all though is just dont be greedy. Slow, thoughtful and attention to detail will keep you in the clear.

Yes thats exactly what happened to me. sucks…

As tempting as it may be to want to have 100% completion on all your games, your going to have to take big risks if you want to attain that.

A MAJORITY of games can be completed close to 100% offline.

things to look for

1if a game has CO-OP check to see if it specifies XBOX LIVE or SPLIT SCREEN or both, if it can be done via split screen then go ahead and unlock offline.

2look online for an “achievement Guide” and “RoadMap” these will help to show you when and where achievements can be unlocked, its safe to say the achievements in these guides are in order from ones you can unlock first to last

3 if your that worried about being banned then STAY AWAY FROM UNLOCKING MULTIPLAYER ACHIEVEMENTS.

Also a lot of people on here say you can be banned for to many OFFLINE achievements which is complete BS, if they can be obtained offline microsoft has no right to ban you

just dont be an idiot and unlock 100% of a games achievements in 4 games then sign back online so that your score goes from 4000 to 8000 in 10 minutes

this tool is meant to unlock the achievements you have a hard time obtaining…at least thats what i use it for, i dont abuse it, if im having trouble on a stage or refuse to play a level twice on the highest difficulty SURE i’ll pop my usb in unlock it real quick then continue playing.

one last personal opinion then im done writing, i NEVER use the UNLOCK ONLINE tab, i find it very hard to believe that you can get away with using it considering your putting a time and date on the achievement WHEN YOUR NOT EVEN ONLINE WHEN THE ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKS, microsoft can easily look and see and say, well So n So wasnt online at 5:43 11/30/11 but it shows he unlocked play 60 Matches at 5:43 on 11/30/11

idk im putting to much thought into all this, im tired of people not being smart =(

This sir, is my way of thinking too.

You are not alone!

My original Xbox Live account, which I have used for the last 6, nearly 7 years online is modded quite heavily. The data itself comes to just over 52mb, which is extremely large for a gamer profile. I have edited and maximized my reputation (like I needed to :stuck_out_tongue: ), crown, avatar awards, unlocks, and achievements.

I have been reset once by XBL enforcement, twice by console updates. All that happened was a GS wipe and a gamerzone .psd brand of “Cheater”. The account is live-ready and is used on a daily basis with no problems or incidents. The profile now rests on the servers with a gamerscore over 893,000, a crown mark of 6 (legitimate :anguished: ), all avatar awards unlocked, all games available played and completed from all regions, maximum reputation, and a few other small things. This is also the same profile that modded online gameplay across the board for years, from Halo 2 to Call of Duty 4.

Never been banned; don’t plan on ever being banned. Just my experiences with my work, your results may and probably will be different. I went to no extraordinary measures to ensure my protection really, a simple few things. I’m an “all-out” type of guy and I know how to recover if anything goes wrong so I go for it all. Good luck to you with yours! If you need any extra help, be sure to ask.

whats the esay way to get your gamerscore reset or is it better to wait 4 microsoft to find out

Unlock all offline :smiley:
The online achievements too!
Then i think you will be reset within a week :thumbsup::lol:

(If you want to be reset :stuck_out_tongue: )