[Unlocking] Gears Of War 3 Camo Skin

< 3 Put account on usb/MU go to computer and open Horizon
< 3 Make a backup account (don’t mod)
< 3 Use the account on usb/MU and unlock Gears Of War 1,2,3 achievements
< 3 Go to Xbox, sign into the account Note: Do not sign into XboxLive
< 3 Play Gears Of War 3, on the menu press start and select HDD
< 3 When you see stuff unlocking wait till it finishes then sign out Note: Do not Dashboard
< 3 Now go to your computer, drag your backup account and put it on the usb/MU
< 3 Go to your Xbox 360 and sign into XboxLive, FINISHED!!

Camo unlocked:
:smile: HammerBurst: Chrome
:smile: Retro Lancer: Gold,Flame
:smile: Gnasher: Gold
:smile: Sawed-Off: Gold
:smile: Dom: Classic



[b]Arron Griffin Click Me[/b]
< 3Click “Get Griffin” then click the “Continue” button to receive your redeemable Xbox Live Code
You should see the new Five Against All – Horde Gameplay Video, Below this video is your personal 25 digit Code
< 3Copy the code and go to the Xbox Redeem Code section or if you prefer you can do it manually on your Xbox Console
< 3Your download will be added to your queue of downloads and should download in less than a minute.

Ha! Very clever.

You can get banned, if they catch you. :confused:

Nice discover btw.

um this = ban

No because he signs in offline and then restores the account.
Very smart,
But how does it unlock the flaming retro?

Eh i knew it wouldn’t work for me, i always have bad luck ~.~

Nice find though

< 3

Edit: it removed my gold retro lancer… and now it wont re unlock. i hate you </3

This would still = a ban if one of the camos is tied to an online achievement, like the Gnasher.

They will ban for this. Not worth the risk IMO

Yep with way EPIC is now most likely get a ban.

You have to select the camo on your modded account and sign out and sign into your backup account then you should have it… it worked for me < 3

Meh basically telling Epic BAN ME PLEASE!!

Holy mop bucket thanks for this dude.

Bigzz equals my buddies.

Well they cant because the camo goes away but the camo you selected stays there :thumbsup:

Great someone got my password and already modded their profile and now i got REDISTRICTED for 4 day’s… I have no idea who knows my password.

IDK try contacting a moderator or a admin, see if they can help

i just tried it again and now nothing is unlocking, so i cant select a camo. :anguished: :anguished: :anguished:


I would rather buy the sick camo’s, Gold doesn’t look good in this game at all, nor does the flaming camo.

so when you do the sign out part do you dashboard cause your not meant to if not try recover your account and delete the playerstorage from HDD and try the steps again

yea gold isn’t that great but its better than nothing

Off topic: your avatar is funny :thumbsup:

Would I be able to use this proccess to get the skins onto a jtag? …

People are posting the skins on Xbox360Iso