Unlocking Unabtainable Achievements through Horizon?

Would I get banned if I was to unlock Online Achievements that are no longer capable of achieving due to servers being taken down i.e. Mortal Kombat 9? Could I just select a date and time before those servers were brought down and be alright?

Edit: Sorry for the spelling of “Unobtainable” in the topic name ;/

No since no one would really look at what date the achievement was unlocked so no you wouldn’t be banned. (Unless you say you got that achievement yesterday then yes that would bring up suspicion)

So, if I was to set a specific date on them and synced it with my live account online it wont be noticed or pinged by the server of a change from like 2 years ago?

You can do it. I have do the same at Scrabble from Family Game Night.

it should work, but i think the date of when you had it “unlocked” will get stored somewhere, so i wouldn’t risk it just to get a achievement. just atleast try to load up your profile offline, start the game and then go online, that way your probably safe.

"If you can’t unlock it because it is not obtainable (some glitched achievements never can be) then don’t unlock it. If it is just something that is hard for you to obtain you should be ok.

Modding anything comes with a risk of being caught and possibly banned/reset so you should be aware of that."

Ok, thanks. I guess I’ll just leave it be then. It sucks because I am missing only two achievements from MK9 and both are online.

Do it man, the likeliness of you getting caught is so minimal honestly