Unlocking Xbox 1/Series X achievements VIA Horizon


So if I play a game like Sea of Thieves on my series X but then I turn my xbox 360 on and download my profile am I able to edit my Sea of Thieves achievements or any other game that is not on the 360 and then resync them with my xbox?

I don’t
think so. But that would be wicked though. Again, I am not entirely sure. Maybe give it a go and report back?

PM from Frank many moons ago

Best thing to suggest, if the games on Windows Store, download it there and use the WeMod app to get some easy achievos. But it won’t be the XB1 version.

I wouldn’t recommend unlocking achievements using the Horizon app.

As Microsoft back a few years ago added something to profiles. So if you take them off and used the achievement tool it can now be detected on the profile that you have used it.

This isn’t true and I’m not exactly sure who told you this but don’t believe them. There has always been a chance of being reset but you have to make it pretty obvious.