Unreadable disk on AW MP

Hello everyone,

Firstly i want to say sorry if i’m saying something that someone else said before because i haven’t found anything on this topic… I downloaded and installed Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and i extracted it on my Xbox360 and it worked,the multiplayer and the singleplayer. But when i installed DLC’s couple of days ago i kept getting Disc Unreadable error every time i wanted to play multiplayer-not on the loading screen, i got it when i picked a map and started the match… Not just DLC maps,but also the normal maps,also i didn’t see any new weapons inside Create a Class such as Ameli,AE4 etc… The zombies and exo survival work great,no crashes and i can get dlc weapons inside zombies but when i want to play multiplayer it crashes… Is this problem because you can’t play Local Play with the DLC’s or something? I have the latest Freestyle Dash and i unlocked all the DLC’s using the XM360. I don’t have a ban bypass or any sort of program that allows me play MP online,i play it with my young brother.

Would really appriciate some help from you guys,again i’m sorry if this is a repost or something.

Thank you for your time.