Unresolved Issue With Horizon

Hello, my problem is with the Horizon program as a whole. It refuses to open after the newest update (on windows 8.1). I tried downloading the .NET 3.5 pack, but it is for older OS’s, and I tested this theory by downloading pack 4.0 which opened its installer perfectly, while 3.5 did not. Sending me the same download link isn’t going to help; that’s where I got the program from and I can’t fathom why that’s being handed out as a possible solution. I would really appreciate if someone could Teamviewer me and help sort this out. Sorry if I seem a bit miffed, the subscription just auto-renewed and I’m not one to just give something for nothing in a retail capacity. Thanks.

Do you receive any errors when trying to open Horizon?

Just the “Horizon has stopped working” error. Do you have a teamviewer?

Yes. Please PM me your details.