[Update 7/24] Dawnguard on PC

-This is still a work in progress, so expect bugs (more than objects looking strange as they have different textures)
-This does not use existing Dawnguard textures as the Xbox 360 uses .ddx while PC uses .dds and there is no converter for .ddx currently. I did try to use textures that seemed similar.

Dawnguard v1.3

This .rar contains:

I removed the texture folder as it is no longer needed.
I repacked the texture files into a new .bsa in combination with all the remaining files from the original

Old versions:
Beta v1.0
Beta v1.2

Creation Kit Version

This .rar contains:
-Dawnguard.esm (only use with Creation Kit, not with game)

This will only work in the Creation Kit, not in the full game. This can be used to create .ESPs and to look for objects.

Skyrim Plugin Files:

Playable Snow Elf: [Download]
-Marks the ‘Snow Elf’ race as playable to be used in character creation; can be accessed with ‘showracemenu’

Vampire Lord: [Download]
-Transformation to and from Vampire Lord now functions correctly, and allows the Vampire Lord specific items to be equipped

Does the current version run smoothly?
Can any of you open the map? Skills? Inventory with DLC items?
Can you load a character using DLC items?
Can you turn into a vampire lord?

I need to know how well it currently functions. Just remember to stay away from areas in the game that are related to the DLC.

So what will this let us do?
Could we edit the castles in Dawnguard? Use items in DLC1? Make special followers/wifes from the DLC1? (Serana for people who want her).

No to the castles (will be in next update)
Yes to the items
Yes to the followers/wives

Currently trying to get it working with the Creation Kit though

Updated to v1.2

Only interior cells should work correctly (with texture differences), so stay away from exteriors.

Remember, this is still in the testing phase, but there is no need to merge the texture folder anymore as I just created a new .bsa for Dawnguard.

Still need to do:
-Sound conversion (didn’t get around to it)
-texture/terrain folder

So if Serana is following me I can make her my wife with the console commands now? or will it still freeze?

Try it and see if it works. It should work

Also, I need a save that is in areas like one of the castles in Dawnguard, so I can properly test this.

None that are in exterior areas though, as I haven’t done the terrain folder yet.

Voice files use the same extension between PC and 360, but ambient sounds and sound effects still need to be converted so being in an area that triggers a DLC sound effect could freeze.

Use the console command to teleport to that location.

I don’t know the ID for that location and SkyEdit doesn’t seem to be of any help with Dawnguard locations IDs.

I did get a message from someone who registered on this site who said they knew of a way to get ddx files to convert, so I am going to see if it can be done.

If he is actually able to do it, then any DLC, at least for Skyrim, can be made to work on the PC before they are officially released.

I’ll upload a save later.

I signed up to tell you what I’ve been experiencing with this.

The items and NPCs are all there. Even the dialogue for the guards that let you start the Dawnguard quest.

But the thing is, looking at any Dawnguard items, NPCs, or clicking the guards that let you start the quest, crashes my Skyrim. All the Dawnguard things are there, they’re just inaccessible.

Edit: I read some more on the forums, I guess this is supposed to happen.

I’ve tried opening Dawnguard in SkyEdit but I get this error:

0x0000075C: Bad subrecord size for DATA! Expected 128 but found 164 bytes!
Invalid input received!

Did you have that problem at all?

That is interesting. Maybe it doesn’t like the new textures?
I will try and get it to work, at least it doesn’t crash immediately which is what it did originally. Can you check the skills list and see if the vampire lord and werewolf skill trees are loading?
Also, see if you can turn into a vampire lord. I want to know if the new effect texture for transforming will work.

I never saw that. I think it is because I am using an older version of SkyEdit; I will check and see what message the newer version gives me.

I tried the newer version of the program and I got that as well, I guess it could be the same reason why the Creation Kit won’t load this version of Dawnguard.
Here is an older version that will load Dawnguard.

For the Vampire and Werewolf skill tree you need to transform into a werewolf or vampire lord in order to see them. They aren’t in the normal skill tree part their separate with their own perk points as well.

I see.
I did not know that before, that is kind of strange.

I still need to know if both the vampire and werewolf skill trees will load properly, as well as the vampire transforming.

Just letting you know someone was able to make a snow elf save using this so that does work.

At least I helped someone, lol.

Idk if its possible but for the snow elf it seems to be using the high elf head, any way to change the textures to have it as the proper snow elf head?

Without having access to the Creation Kit, I would say it is almost impossible.

After messing around with it myself, doing ‘showracemenu’ and choosing Dark Elf, then changing it around (eyes should be changed), then doing ‘setrace snowelfrace’ would be the closest at the moment.

Just tried it. I transformed in to werewolf form then went to check the skills. Crashed as soon as I tried. Same with the Vampire Lord. I added the spell to myself and tried to transform, but it crashed immediately. Also, placing any Dawnguard NPCs will crash. It seems everything Dawnguard related is off limits.

It’s like I said, all the Dawnguard things are there (I did a search in the console window. All dawnguard NPCs and items are there), but they can’t be looked at or the client will crash.

What DID change though were my characters eyes. My characters a vampire, and his eyes changed to bright, glowing red. For Dawnguard they’re supposed to be glowing orange, so it’s odd that it’s the wrong color AND looking at the texture didn’t crash me.

Edit: I’ve just discovered one Dawnguard related thing that is working. Since I knew I could still transform in to a werewolf, I tried feeding. When I do, it displays the message “Heart has been consumed”, meaning my Werewolf skill tree is being progressed. It also correctly mentions when I have a Werewolf perk available. And I didn’t crash!

From what I gather, it seems the thing that is making the client crash is the Dawnguard NPC dialogue, and most of all the Dawnguard textures.