Update.exe task wont close?

Hello, guys

Just a curiosity, it’s not causing any errors, or performance issues but… i wonder if it is normal, when i close/quit WeMod app, there is a task that wont close in Task Manager, the “C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\WeMod\Update.exe” . If i try, i get “Access Denied” and i’m the almighty admin in this account, so what’s the problem here?

And, i use Windows 7 x64… so, is this ok, or is it some kind of bug??



This will happen only if you have the WeMod app close to the system tray after exiting the app normally. If you don’t want the ‘Update.exe’ process to run after the app has been closed, you can simply set the app to exit completely using the settings in WeMod:

Let me know if this resolves it :slight_smile:


Hey there, User_N4m3 !
Man, it did work… sorry, it was my fault actually, i should’ve noticed that the Tray icon was “locked” too… i mean, i can hover the mouse over it, it shows the label “WeMod” over the mouse pointer, it “looks like it’s alive”, but it’s not! lol… Clicking on it (right or left) doesn’t work at all, so… ¬¬’

Thanks a lot man, i was getting a headache on this, lol!! Cheers o/

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