Update forced me to start a "new account."

I’ve been using Wemod for literal years (Have the file save from 2020). Never made an account, because I’m dyslexic and if I don’t have to type in a log in and password every time, all the better. The latest update would not let me log in without signing in? So I typed in my email (no password) and my mod list of games came up. OK, weird, but cool, right?
Nope. Now it thinks it’s a “new account,” asked for a password (I tried resetting) and I’m limited to playing two hours a day. I paused to do something with my kids, and my time ran out. How can I go back to my old “account”?


Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Please reach out to the team by email - Support@Wemod.com.

They will be able to provide better insights for you than we can here. :handshake: