UPDATE! New Way Of Doing Prestige Token Glitch/Prestige'ing At 57+


I have been asked by plenty of people to do this TUT so please don’t flame.
I am not sure if this has been posted but from what i have searched on this site it hasn’t.
So here it is.

Update: You need to be level 57! My bad people.

2 Controllers
A Friend
2 Accounts (GOLD+Any Prestige):

1st. Level 57+
2nd. Level 80


  1. Sign into the level 80 account on your second controller
  2. Sign into the level 57+ account on your first controller
  3. Then get your friend to invite you to the game
  4. On the level 80 account go to baracks and click prestige mode, wait on the first screen
  5. Get a friend to search for a public match
  6. When searchin, on the level 54+ account (1st controller) click B it willl come up asking if you want to leave click B again, then it will allow you to move up or down.
  7. Then still on the level 54 (1st Controller) click more info then entre prestige, when you do this you will see that you go to prestige to your same prestige badge

E.G: 5th prestige/Do glitch/It comes up asking if you want to prestige to 5th prestige.

Just click yes then you will be the next prestige level 1.
You can keep doing this aswel to gain POSITIVE prestige tokens.

Any questions please PM/Post/PM for GT and i will help over xbox with mic.


Update: Soon as you get to 9th 57 prestige glitch do not do the glitch again when your 10th 1 to get prestige points, otherwise it nocks you back down to 9th 1st
Found that out just know lmfao!

Update: Since many of you are complaining that this does not work here is my GT to prove it does when me and my friends are about to do, to prove to you it does!

GT: DeZiRe Xx Image

Working as of 22/12/2011 16:45pm GMT
Still working as of 24/12/2011 00:016:16pm GMT

All credit goes to me as i have searched many forums and not seen this around till i posted it!

nice, and i got a question you from uk?

Shame you still need a lvl 80 account =( im 2nd 71.

Yes :smiley:
Question Why?

And stickle ask a friend to see if you can recover there account that is how me and my friends do it.
I am know 9th prestige 21 from this

I’m recovering my buddies account right now for his level 80, once done so I’ll update you all on whether this truly works. :wink:

it works, i just wish i had an account that was level 80 :confused:

Make sure the level 80 account is on the second controller and your account is on the first controller

Thankyou for the update saying it works, as many people will not believe me in anyway.

Just tried this and it didn’t work for me >.<

Someone should make a public level 80 account haha

why do we care its a 100% ban guaranteed doesnt matter eventually you will get caught why not play the game how it should be played and level up on your own its quiet easy
nuff said

>modding website
>want to/expect people to play legit

**** off, sir

Well to keep prestiging on the account that you want to prestige on don’t you need to level back up to 54 or higher then do the glitch again or can you simply do this glitch over and over without leveling up again

That would really help

Yeah because the banned so many people that modded 10th in mw2. If you have a problem with it leave the site. Report me. I don’t care

Live your life in fear. It’s a great way to live.

Be afraid of the system haha

You can keep doing it but you need to get to level 54+ to prestige

And to the guy sayin you will get caught you basicly just use a token to reset your stats, simple!

If anyone wants proof for this pm me your GT i will add you and wen i go to do it i will inv you to game and party!

it resets titles and emblems, as well as your rank. why bother doing the glitch just to reset everything? it’s tedious in my opinion.

It doesn’t i can prove it as i am know 10th will all the titles and emblems i have unlocked.

Is there any chance of the level 80 account prestiging when doing this?

This Works But you do not get a prestige token i have done this 3 times and no Token Prestige Glitch Works Token Does not