Update On Some Games?

I’ve notice there has been a few games that need update but really some of the trainer creators are busy with requests for new ones and trying to update the popular ones, it’s hard for them to get around. But there is a couple here that need priority on some when the trainer creators are free. @STN @Chris @frank @STiNGERR

  • PC Building Simulator ( members 5,717)
  • Jurassic World Evolutions (members 5,760)
  • Metal Gear Survive ( weight problem with unlimited ammo and gear)

I’m sure people will add more if they comment but as I said when the trainer creators get time on there hands, starting a riot with members and Pro’s lol

The only person who can update them is the person that made them.

What doesn’t work for PC Building Sim?

What doesn’t work for JWE? I know someone who was playing it after the last update without any issues.

I have updated PBS several times and asked to enable VG. It updates too often and without VG, my updating it is pointless since game updates a day after

Just the issue with money not registering when you go to buy things off the shop in career mode

I think it has something to do with adding a possible + rep to all divisions to unlock buildings and fence ect…

Oh and the only thing with Metal gear Survive is the weight issue at hand and ammo filling it

Guess now also add No Man’s Sky… sigh never ends…

Very true, just the way it is. No Man’s Sky updates have been coming out non-stop. No use in @STN tinkering with the trainer until it slows down. I’ve just put that one on my “to play eventually” list once things settle. Middle Earth: Shadow of War is behind, but it still works for the most part, well enough to save my rear end!

Yeah I agree @Telarius I’m going to wait until the NMS dev team stops updating it everyday.

The NEXT update was huge, so they have a lot of bugs to iron out. Give it a few months and I suspect you’ll see it slow down. I’ll give them credit, they’ve really “stuck with it” despite the poor launch and plethora of negative reviews. I haven’t had a chance to check it out, but I’ve heard great things.

The creator, Sean Murray, even received death threats regarding the game when it first came out! Though almost certainly idle threats, threatening murder over buyer’s remorse? It never ceases to amaze me how toxic gaming communities can be. Then again, it is why I avoid multi-player games like the plague unless I know who I’m playing with.

Well he ■■■■■■ up. I don’t think any game or creator in that matter ■■■■■■ up a game more than he did.
Though I got to admit. Sticking to it and still updating it even though no one will buy it? Good thing to do.
NMS is going where it was promised to be. Slowly but surely.
Played it recently and even though the changes made overwhelmed me a bit I’ve been playing it more and more

Yeah, he certainly did screw up, biting off far more than he could chew and marketed a product that wasn’t delivered by any means. I can’t disagree with you there @N1ceToMeetYou, I was really disgusted myself, as I ordered the game prior to launch, talk about a lesson learned. I left a negative review after launch (no death threats though).

Like you said, there are a lot of overwhelming changes, so I’ll have to get to it when I have a bit more time. If it has improved enough, I’ll update my review. From what you stated, it sounds like it is at least worth a play now. I’ve got two rooms in the basement I need to replace all the baseboards and trim in first. Can’t put that job off any longer, as much as I’d like to…

Thanks for the info on NMS!

Yeah it has changed a lot. Though I will tell you right now. The beginning might put you off. Most of the changes are for late game. Early game (especially on harder difficulties) Only got harder and some minor changes.
Some I don’t like. But worth to try it out for sure

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