Update Rome 2 Emperor Edition

I’ve asked the developer for an update but never heard from them about it. The trainer just doesn’t work anymore since the update of the game. Was wondering how all this works with the trainers? I mean how long does it take to update a trainer after a update, a year, two years? I was going to go pro but since that doesn’t seem to change the availability of updates with these trainers, seems a bit of throwing away good money, Just saying! not being disrespectful, I’ve modded other games myself and I do under stand there’s a lot of work that go’s into these, but I sent the message over a week ago but no reply of weather the trainer is going to be updated or supported, nothing? Maybe this will spawn a response from the community about this trainer so people like myself will have current information on it’s progress. Thank you and have a great day!!!

It depends what dev is behind it and How popular the game is.
Rome 2 is really not that popular and the Dev is most likely focusing on more popular games and updating them or making new ones.

Being pro does indeed give it some priority. But it’s not like you go pro to boost the availability.
You go pro to support the devs so that they can keep on working on a software that is completely free for everyone and does not even have ads or anything inside it.
Oh and. You won’t get an Response from Stingerr on the forums. He just doesn’t like to write here.

Writing in the trainer thread is enough. You don’t have to make a new thread about it though I understand why you did. In most cases it’s enough to leave a message in the trainer thread so the dev knows it needs an update

Thank you so much for your response and information, that cleared so much up for me.

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well guys I wont be going pro again not worth the cash flow to many game trainers not working the game found another sight with trainers that actually does what it says on the label,