Update suggestion

its a great update looks nice but it should have when new or updated trainers are on when they put one like the old version if it can be incorporated please would be nice thank you.

I’m pretty unsure what you want.
Do you want old trainers to be still available after they get updated?

You are still notified when a trainer is updated.

ok like a part to show recent new or updated trainers in the old version i go to the search engine and on top had a list of the leastes trainer on if you know what im talking about?

Ahh now I get what you mean.

New trainers are shown on the home page in Infinity.
They have a green “new” label.
Trainers you own that get updated will give you a notification in Infinity.

We’re going to switch the games on the homepage from Featured Games to New Games.

ok thanks

that would be nice