(UPDATED) Fifa 12 - Career Editor V1.0.0.0 (MATTWIDZ's)

Hey guys this is a tool created by MattWidz.
He has know started on modding FIFA 12 so we can expect alot more mods coming soon.

But till then I have been mithered to update my last thread with the currency and being able to choose my your own amount of money.

So here it is.


Basicly get your career mode from you’re hardrive.
Open horizon, and extract your save to the desktop.
Drag and drop/Click open and choose your save.
Then mod it as you wish.

Career Mode Editor
Simply load your Career File (Not the extracted file) and click Mod File to instantly give yourself £1,500,000,000 Transfer Budget and £10,000,000 Wage Budget - If you spend it all just simply do it again for endless amounts of credits!

Career Mode Advanced Editor
If you don’t want £1.5 Billion Transfer Budget, this allows you to transfer the budget from one Career Mode save to another Career Mode of your choice.

I Have Used This Myself.

All Credit Goes To MattWidz, I Just Simply Shared This With The Community.


Virus Scan

You don’t have to use modio.
You can use horizon.

It comes up with a trojan but it’s from a crappy little virus.
My own AVG didn’t find anything.

So basicly use at your own risk.

Original Thread Here!

Virus scan + Images?

Just waiting for it to upload as a virus scan.
Can anyone hit me up with a scan online please?


Video Added Instead of Images.
Virus Scan Added.

Is their a mod who has tested this and can confirm it works? if so it’s awesome news

Just try it. The only downside is a small chance of a small virus.

I have used this myself and can confirm it works.
And you can also watch the video.

I don’t recommend online virus scanners.They tend to give false positives all the time.Chances are if a file has a virus it will be catch as soon as you start downloading the file and your virus protector will tell you that it caught a virus.:thumbsup:

Well my AVG never found anything when i downloaded it.

KASPERSKY find nothing… Report Clean

Thankyou for the report.

This works.

Since there is this big ban wave on EA (for those who hacked their VP’s) I came to think off - can you be banned for hacking offline? Like this tool does…

No you can’t.