[UPDATED LIST] TONS of Free Games on Xbox Live using Oman Accounts!

Okay since you guys know about the Morroco glitch that they had. [Which is now patched I believe] And the Oman glitch. [Which is what you guys will be using] There were actually TONS more Games that are free. Here is an Updated List. I know this has been posted BUT it’s an Updated List on what’s free for Oman Accounts. If you don’t know how to get the Games for free just go here and follow the steps! =]

Okay well here is the Updated list for Oman accounts:

Diabolical Pitch
Dragon’s Lair
Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall Of Hendon Myre
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Just Dance Disney Party (does not work)
Mars: War Logs
Sonic Adventure
Unbound Saga
WRC Powerslide
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
Destination: Arcade
Family Game night
Game Room

Alien Spidy: Between a rock and a hard place
Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel Online Pass Paid
Hitman: Absolution Contracts Pass
Metro: Last Light The Faction Pack
Painkiller Hell & Damnation: Clock Strikes At Meat Night
Painkiller Hell & Damnation: Full Metal Rocket
Painkiller Hell & Damnation: Medieval Horror
Saints Row IV Executive Privilege Pack
Saints Row IV Season Pass
Sims 3 Online Pass
Sims 3 Pets Online Pass
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 Online Pass Paid

Gamer Pictures
All MLB Picture Packs
Anne Stokes Picture Pack 1
Anne Stokes Picture Pack 2
Burial Ground Zombie Picture Pack 1
Burial Ground Zombie Picture Pack 2
GTA V Picture Pack
Charlie Murder Last Stand Picture Pack
Charlie Murder Gore Quaffer Picture Pack
MotoGP Helmet Pack 1
MotoGP Helmet Pack 2

All MLB Themes
MotoGP Theme Pack 1
MotoGP Theme Pack 2
MotoGP Theme Pack 3
MotoGP Theme Pack 4
Scourge Outbreak Premium Theme
Zombie Girls Theme
Terra Creo Theme
Mechdragon Battle Theme
Warriors and their Mounts Theme
Science Fiction Source Code 2 Theme
Destination Series 1 Theme
Digital Blasphemy: Tears Theme
Casino Theme
Burial Ground Zombie Rain Theme
Dragon Rider Theme
Blood Blossom Warrior Theme
Amazing Earth Series 1 Theme
Final Frontier Launch Theme
Utherworlds Series 3 Theme
Utherworlds Series 4 Theme
Final Frontier Deep space Theme
Military Theater of War Theme.

Workaround for Injustice: Gods Among Us Only
Set your SYSTEM locale to Austria.
Sign in to any account then immediately sign out.
The home screen should have a tile with superman on it now under the FIFA 14 tile.
Click it.
You should see Injustice as 30% off.
Sign in to your Morocco account now.
Click the Injustice sale tab and you won’t get the error and it will show up as free instead of the sale price.


nice but not wort it, this can get u banned easy :smile: so gudluck

You won’t get banned for something that is free… o.o

And do things like season passes carry on to other accounts on the Xbox?

I’m stuck at a loading screen now after going on the gamertag, in the marketplace.

Edit: I got dungeons to download, rest of **** is giving me an error code. Any reason why?

I got injustice to work with an oman account its at 11 percent currently
Edit currently playing injustice!!

I am getting Injustice now… I can’t get any gamer pics or themes, they stick on load screen… I got all the games except Sherlock Holmes… I get error codes on all the dlc though… I am happy with what I got, thanks for this :smile:

Ya I actually just posted this in surivivirusx thread but now this is more compact thread so I don’t need to jump back and forth between surivivirusx and Jamellos thread.

Anyway… this is for Injustice if anyone is having trouble.

I changed my locale to Austria and signed out of my omen account completely.

Navigate to the ‘Startseite’ tab. than select the ‘Ausverkauf läuft’ Panel.

Hover over 30% off Injustice: Gods among us panel; sign into your oman account.

Once signed in, select injustice and begin your download! Hurry before it gets patched.

so is it intended?? to be free… :wink:

anyone got an account i could borrow?
I tried this myself and it didnt work well

When im on the account it says that live isn’t available in this country.

nothing shows up free for me

Would this be marketplace theft? Meaning a ban?

Probably only the account.

No banned

I’m not sure whyy buut I think the Season Pass should carry on if you downloaded it on that Console.

Have fun with the game! ;D

Yeah , Injustice is a REALLY good game if you liked Mortal Kombat! =]

Thanks for posting this ! I think this will help a lot of people that doesn’t understand. :smile:

It’s just a Marketplace Error.
So we will get banned for something Microsoft did?

I don’t have an account, sorry =[ I would let you License Transfer some games but have none atm!

How do i get to saints row 4 season pass?

Please reply!

If you don’t know how to do the Oman Glitch, read the Thread again. Click on the Link that is posted and just do what it said.

the dlc will not show up in the extras tab.

No no no no no! You have to do it on your console!
Go to this link: https://www.wemod.com/forum/46-xbox-360-hot-games/152416-free-games-some-dlc-n-more.html#post1311201

And scroll down and read the steps on how to make an Oman account. Hurry before its patched.

I wanna do this but the games you can do are horrible :wink: