[UPDATED][TUT] Free 1 Month Gold Link! (Silvers only) [NEW] FEBRUARY 2014


UPDATE[5]: [FEB 1st, 2014]: This only works in the US region. Also, DO NOT SWITCH TO MOBILE VERSION


SilverFresh Xbox Live account or an XBL account that never had Gold on it
Paypal account linked OR Credit Card linked.

Free 1 Month Gold Link

1. - Sign in to Xbox.com
2. - Click Here
3. - 1 Month for $0.00
4. - Go to My Account (Top right under your GT)
5.- Cancel "Auto-Renewal"
6. - Enjoy free XBL

For people that DON’T have a Credit Card or a Paypal. Use this method below! :smile: [26/03/2014]

[details=Open Me]Step 1: Head to this Website! Here and Sign Up With A VALID phone number.
Step 2: It will ask you to choose a pin number, choose anything that you will be able to remember.
Step 3: Once complete you will sign in and finish the rest of the needed info, and you will have a Virtual Visa pre-made (VCC) with your details, that’s it![/details]

I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your Xbox Live Account by abusing this method or if you get banned. Use at your own RISK.

Credit: BmG Chotton from Se7enSins

Have fun! :smile:

Keeps telling me my my postal code is incorrect when it is correct.

Okay I’m feeling stupid, is xbox live “free” the same as “silver”?

You’ll have to use a Singapore postal code.


This is exactly why people were getting console banned. You cannot do this because it counts as Marketplace Theft.

Give us an example of a singapore address pls

Just Google’d and got this

56 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247964
24 is the sector code; 7964 is the delivery point, i.e. house or building

it’s right is close to my appartment :laughing:

Thanks coolsayem56 :smile:

No problem! <3

Haha yeah, people can use this one if you want. Thanks!

No one got console banned. -___- People got there account banned, that’s all. And that was just for the Games and DLC’s… and this is Xbox Live we are talking about. People abused the US one for like 2 years and got 3 Years of XBL out of it… that’s why it got patched… so now there is a Singaporean one,

Glad it worked! And no, it’s Gold. So it should be Gold, it should not say “Free” :stuck_out_tongue:

it will say gold trial month if i remember right

and thanks for the share coolsayem
this will most definetly come in handy

Haha yeah, no problem! (: Glad to help out the community!

Whoa, I’m American and my account region is United States and it worked.

Thanks man!

OP, check the S7 thread and edit your original post. As the guy above me said, it now works in the US region so it was updated. Thanks for the share!

Uhh I didn’t have to change my region or anything and it still worked for me. All I did was click the link and purchase.


Use at our own risk? There is no risk as long as we use it month to month.

Stacking via glitching is the bannable part.

This, considered Marketplace Theft under Microsoft’s ToS/EULA.

Doesn’t work for me :confused: but still thanks for those it have worked for!

I do need gold, I might try this.

I always used the other free 1 month link routinely after the month would expire.

I never got banned.
I thought only people who were stacking that 1 month got banned… too many people are all scared to try and risk it so just like I, try this on a dummy account and see if anything happens.

Yep, you will get banned if you stack them. Like the 1000 people that stacked 3 Years of XBL out of this. >.> Anyways, good luck! Try striping them if you can! :smile: