*Updated With TU8 Tunables* How to Host GTA V Money Lobby/ Tunables.json Bypass

This is a tutorial and is C&P from another site. I did not make this tutorial.

  1. Close out of skype and open(port forward) port 80.(If you do not know how to port forward there is 1000’s of people that show you how.)

  2. Once you have done that plug your Ethernet cable from your PC to Xbox and then on your PC share your wireless connection with your Ethernet. CONNECTION MUST BE SHARED NOT BRIDGED.

  3. Once you have done that download this file: Web Server.zip(Virus Scan)

  4. Open up command prompt, if you do not know how to do this just go to you window button and search “cmd” && press enter.

  5. Find your IPv4 Address.

  6. Then go to windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts Edit with notepad(++)
    Go to the bottom of the file and write something like this: (Your IPv4 Address) prod.cloud.rockstargames.com (e.g. prod.cloud.rockstargames.com)

  7. Once again go to the windows button & search Internet Options then click security/restricted sites/sites type prod.cloud.rockstargames.com in the top block click add then click out of it and then ok

  8. Once you have done all that extract the file you downloaded earlier if you have not already(put it on desktop for ease of access)

  9. Go to settings and make sure both ports are set to 80.

  10. Once you have done that go to Apache and make sure it’s running if not click start.

  11. Once you have done all that you are ready to go
    Go crazy and don’t pay ******bags to recover your account to do something that costs ZERO to do.

Alternate Methods

Host File Redirect

Modify your hosts file in “Windows/System32/Drivers/ect” and add prod.cloud.rockstargames.com
to the next empty line and save it, I recommend moving it to the desktop to edit it.

Xbox DNS modification

Go to System Settings>Networking Settings> Select the network used and change the primary dns address to

Then test connection, you may have to clear the system cache for the mods to take effect!

Rockstar it probably flipping sh** off of this lol, silly monkeys modding is for XboxMB, not Se7enSins!

Me too, we need a host, I suck.

Do you need a jtag or something for this? Curious as hell…

Nope you use your retail. I will host just as soon as I can get a splitter for my pc

How do you exactly edit your personal money with this, It looks simple enough but I’m extremely confused…

I need graphic work :stuck_out_tongue:
check it out been hosting these for a while now I just forgot to post a topic on this site!

btw the premade apache server does not work good luck struggling!

The coding in the files you use changes it. It changes how much you steal from stores and set bounties etc

You can do this with a regular console? Not flashed or JTAGGED?

Can anyone help me with step 2 or give me better information on it…

Damn, dont have a wireless card for my pc.

I’ve given up on this, Way too time consuming and frustrating imo. Way harder to do than it actually seems. :anguished:

I’m ****ing done… I did this successfully, got on GTA, got a **** ton of network errors trying to connect to a lobby, got my 140 character deleted. I’m done. Sooooo done.

Haha I have heard loads of people having problems with this.

I’m ****** because I can’t get my Wifi to share with my ethernet. It keeps showing up like this…

wow shame the Tut isnt a bit more detailed or id try this out…
other than that thanks for the share bro :thumbsup:

PS if anyone has a bit more time than this Tut creator (and knows exactly how to do this) can they make a really detailed tutorial…
thanks in advance

If you have two Ethernet ports you can share the internet between the two ports. (Haven’t tested this but thats how my xbox used to be setup.

I was just in a lobby with someone who got it to work, went from $11mil to $1.5bil, he just kept robbing stores and splitting the money 5% for everyone.

What was his gt

Finally got this **** working.