Updating for new versions of games

I am sure I am not the only one to think this but there a certian games such as Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition, and Crysis 2 that give you a message saying that the mod has not been tested for your version and that it can lead to the game crashing. I understand that newer games come out and the pld ones fall through the cracks but personally I would really like an updated version of the trainer for the previously mentioned games and all the others that give the message about possibly crashing the game.


That message is misleading, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the trainer is outdated but simply that you have a different version (you could be using a cracked copy and still get that message). The trainer might and will still work.

I don’t know about crysis 2 but i trained a cracked copy of dark souls 1 and that message is expected if you’re using steam version but trainer should still work.

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I understand this but at the same time I would like to know that the trainer is going to work on my version without having to many ill affects on my game.

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