Updating to 14699 using XeBuild and installing Dash Launch

Read Me
I am not responsible for any damaged caused to your console. You are following this tutorial at your own risk. If read correctly, you will have no problems.

Download and extract my package to your Desktop.

I have included Flash360. You should make a backup of your current NAND before continuing.

Browse to XeBuild/mydata and add your cpu key into cpukey.txt and save.

Paste a copy of your freeBOOT NAND into XeBuild\mydata and rename it to nanddump.bin.

My package will automatically include Dash Launch at your convenience. To change the path which loads it by default, please edit “launch.ini” in XeBuild. It is currently set up to boot the “FreeStyle” folder from a USB which is also included and I recommend using.

Shift Right Click the background of the XeBuild folder and click “open command window here” and type the following command with you required arguments (valid consoles listed below).

xeBuild -t <jtag/glitch> -c <console> -d mydata -f 14699 updflash.bin


Hit enter and you should now see a similar output as below.

Send updflash.bin and $$ystemupdate to a FAT32 formatted device and plug into your console.

Now boot your console using the eject button if you currently have XeLL installed (it should find the update and start writing, then follow the on-screen instructions) or use the provided Flash360 (click write updflash to nand then keep current kv/config now ignore and continue and finally start; it should now start writing, once compelte, press back a few times until it turns off your console).

Start your console normally and you will be prompted by a official Microsoft update (this will install Avatar and Kinect data). This update is completely safe, it will ONLY create SysExt.

Place the folder “FreeStyle” onto your device that corresponds with the path your entered in “launch.ini” previously.

Final Comments
Congratulations! You have updated your console to 14699, installed Dash Launch, added Avatar/Kinect data and hopefully started using FreeStyle. Enjoy.

Have a problem? Please leave a reply, I will happily help any time I am not busy over Team Viewer.
If you find an mistake/error/typo with my post, please write on my wall!


Great tut, should def be stickied for those who cannot figure this out on their own.

Tucker = Boss! :wink:

I get this:

Could someone help me?


Yes, my bad, I forgot to write a important step. Lol. Make sure you enter your CPU key into cpukey.txt (in the same directory as nanddump.bin). Retry and you should be all good.

thanks for the tutorial, im updating mine now.

I did that, when I booted into XeLL, I noticed something that I haven’t seen before.

it says this:

*your cpu key: 490C9505D0CDFF1D803976F0FD594054
!kv_get_dvd_key Failure: kv_read
! the hash check failed probably as a result of decryption failure
! make sure that the CORRECT key vault for this console is in flash
! the key vault should be at offset 0x4200 for a length of 0x4200
! in the 'raw' flash binary from THIS console

*httpd listen...

Sooo what does that mean? and what can I do? lol

It’s asking for the DVD Key, which I have since I flashed the drive, so… what can I do?

i just updated my jtag to 14699, works like a charm.

Updated! Made it even easier to follow, create and install. Added a picture to show the correct result you should be getting from XeBuild. Included Dashboard FreeStyle (everyone should be using this now, it has been updated) and Flash360 (for backing up/writing).

Everything is now included in one package. Enjoy.

i got this is it ok? should i continue?
im using rgh on jasper512mb btw
help plzzzz



sorry 4 caps