Upgrading to Pro!

I don’t know if this has been considered or not but I was wondering if there were any plans to start supporting more payment methods, E.G PaySafeCard.

Also if there would be an option to buy it once for either a year or a month. And not have a subscription. So you wouldn’t have to link a credit card. Keep in mind that this is just a Suggestion and things could be different!

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I hope your suggestion will be implemented. Because I want it to pay pro with paysafecard. ^^

hey, i really want to be pro but i cant pay because i dont have creditcard or paypal. i’m living in the netherlands so if Ideal what we use here can be an option to pay each month i want to be pro. i would be happy. Or the possibility to pay in the app of wemod remote for a subsciption will be okai for me too, then i can pay with my phonebills in appstore.

Bin auch Dafür das man Pro mit Paysafecard´s Kaufen kann da es Viel Angehnehmer ist und Schneller.
Würde mich Freuen wen Ihr Das in Betracht Ziehen Würdet

Hi please use English on here. Thanks

I am also for the fact that you can buy Pro with Paysafecards because it is much easier and faster. I would be happy if you would consider that

no Problem ^^

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Pre-paid cards are designed with one-time purchases in mind. They are not ideal at all for buying subscriptions. So many online retailers with subscription models will reject pre-paid cards like PaySafe.

The term “pre-paid card” is a very loose one. They are actually closer to voucher systems than card systems.

There’s also a security issue with pre-paid cards. They are commonly used by criminals to try and avoid detection. For example - steal money from someone, load it onto a pre-paid card and spend it over the next border with a lower chance of getting detected. So the name “PaySafe” is actually rather ironic. Because of this issue, many countries have also passed laws stating that pre-paid cards can only be used on retailers that operate in the country the cards were purchased in.

PayPal is free. All you need to do is provide an email address then connect your bank card to the account.