Upgrading to pro

hi for some reason i can not upgrade to pro anymore ive tried paypal and different debit cards still does not work i cant seem to work it out please can someone help me thankyou

Hello @nb92 and thank you for considering Pro. :slight_smile:

Please make sure that you have enough funds in your account and that no restrictions have been placed against the account by PayPal (they enjoy locking my PayPal account at least once or twice a year until I prove I own it, because I use it quite regularly -_-).

Other than that, please feel free to get in touch with the support team through email: Support@WeMod.com. They will be able to look into this further than we can on the forum. And we also need to protect your privacy by not discussing this too much in a public forum, since payments involve personal information. :slight_smile:

hi @Ravenfyre strangest thing happened today I retried it with PayPal now all sudden its worked I did play around with my PayPal settings before and it didn’t work the other day plus I have money in my account all time I have also contacted support through email I will now write back letting them know its all ok now and is working :slight_smile: thankyou so much for your reply much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello there.

Good to hear that it seems to have resolved itself.
My guess would be that because you changed some settings, the account was shadow locked (“silently paused”) while they double-checked nothing was untoward (ie, checking the recent IPs and devices that have accessed it). But other than that it’s a mystery. :man_shrugging:

Thank you again for your interest in Pro. Enjoy using WeMod and always feel free to post if you need assistance, have questions or just want to chat. :slight_smile:

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