Uploading the Gears of War 3 Beta. Details

So why not make a beta discussion thread?I’ll post some FAQs in here and what not.
How can I participate in the beta?
There’s three ways, look below:

-Download the beta and put it on your HDD:https://www.wemod.com/forum/37-diamond-downloads/41905-[download]-gears-war-3-beta-new-launcher.html
-Buy Bullestorm and get the beta. (Can’t play until the 18th.)

-Pre-order Gears of War 3 at Gamestop.(Can’t play until the 25th.)

-Follow these people on Twitter for a chance to play TODAY.
James Montgomery (Numbuh7) on Twitter
Will be adding more!

I have Bulletstorm, when can I play?
Bulletstorm users can play on the 18th!

How big is it?
The beta is 88MB, but then you have to download a 600MB update for it to play it.

Damn it…

Thank you, Sir. :smile:

Nice work Cody, i’m already with Epic BulletStorm so I won’t need this but see you in the beta! xD

Fair move, but nice work bro.

I cant buy diamond D:
no way of buying it anymore.

Will look forward to your thread cody :smile:

Kink already uploaded it…

Thank you Cody, for being so amazin <3

If this requires a profile a lot of us will be ****ed by the new dashboard. And how many people are on the beat right now?

You can’t play it on kinks version. Cody’s you can

:anguished: Diamond only really man ahhhhhhh! :anguished:

We don’t allow sharing of these types of files in public.

thanks so much cody…also 80mb is super small, so when your ready that will upload in like less than 5min lol :smile: i doubt u have less than atleast 1.00up.

they dont share even though its kinda hypocritical in a way but its cool i have other means of getting what i want lol :wink:

Having no Warez keeps the site safe.

whens the beta going live guys?

April 25

18th if you have epic edition of bulletstorm
25th if you pre-order GOW3
September 20th if you didn’t

Just want to make it clear for all you guys who keep asking why only Diamond get the beta…

RULE: 9.1 Although we would all like to post and leech off of shareware and illegal files such as an exploit, we can’t. NOBODY is allowed to post any links or upload any files that are meant to be purchased or have copyrights attached to them saying the file(s) cannot be distributed freely. The Diamond Downloads section is exempt from this rule.

Just thought I’d clear it up for you all. They don’t do it for the fun of it, it’s just to keep the site safe from… bad things. :laughing: (Y)

you the man cody