USB 2.0 or 3.0?

Looking to get a new and much bigger USB flash drive. I have seen a 128gb memory stick for a happy price but I think it’s only 2.0. I will be using it simply for storage of 360 games and running them from a USB on the modded console. Will a 2.0 be suitable for this?

I’m assuming that the difference between 2.0 and 3.0 is just speed? (i.e: how fast it transfers data)

Don’t get a usb get an external hdd, most of the nowadays will be 3.0

Answering you question tho, it will be fine with a 2.0

can you even store games on a usb? And i dont think you can configure more then 16gb xbox storage on a usb drive… That not enough so the best idea is to get a hdd.

You can store upto 32gb of space on a normal xbox. If it’s for your RGH ID recommend an external HDD. They can hold more than the 32 limit.

Well i’m currently using my 320 hdd which came with the xbox… Its waaaaay past the 32gb limit :laughing:
But i guess a 1tb storage device would be even more awesome.

edit: Found this: “You can only use up to 16GB of your device to use for Xbox 360 storage.”

You can get xbox 360 hard drives with more storage. But external hard drives will be formatted to only use 32gb.

yes, i know that microsoft sells “official” xbox 360 hdds with a decent amount of storage but i was more talking about the cap on other devices (such as a usb drive). And you’re probably right about the 32gb thing.