USB Problem

How do you go into administrator mode so the usb shows up

Right click on the Horizon icon and click on “Run as Administrator”.

That might not be the problem though. Are you sure your USB drive is configured for Xbox 360 storage? If you haven’t set it up yet, put it in your 360 and format it and move a save to it and try again with Horizon.

how do you format it? sorry my first time doing this kinda thing

Put it in your 360 and see if it will let you move a file to it. If it doesn’t show up when you try to move a file then go to storage in system settings and press the yellow Y button for device options. You will find options for that device there.

it still isn’t showing up in horizon what else can you do to have it show up

Were you able to move a save file to it on your 360? Also, is your 360 up to date on dashboard updates? There were semi-recent updates to Horizon and the Xbox 360 that requires both to be up to date for Horizon to recognize your USB drive.

my console is up to date on everything but horizon keeps asking for an update but wont update and the save file did transfer

Uninstall Horizon by going to your Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program. After uninstalling it, reinstall after downloading the latest version from this link:

Do that and see if Horizon will now recognize your USB drive. If it doesn’t, tell us what OS you have. Also try using different USB ports on your PC.

Having same problem I’ve configured my usb on my xbox 360 and I’ve also run application as administrator but it still does not work ?

plug in your USB in to your PC make sure u have your xbox profile on it then open horizonmb but run horizonmb as administrator to do this Right click on the Horizon icon and click on Run as Administrator from there your USB should be in your PC and it should work

I’m extremely embarrassed to say this but all I had to do was update my Horizon I’m so sorry for wasting your time