Usb Xtaf Gui Version 44 help

Hello, I am trying to inject Oblivion DLC to my flashdrive. I have it in the right path, but as soon as i try to inject shivering isles , it says not responding, and does nothing… If anybody could help, that would be great!

~ Thanks

It does this with big files, when I was doing Alan Wake it went non responsive, don’t worry. Be patient.

So if I dont click anything or freakout on the program as it says (Not Responding) it will eventually inject?

Yes. :smile:

Ok, Thank you :smile: Can i get achievements when i do this?

Yep :smile:

Sweet! It still has been unresposive for like 5 minutes… lol

When I did Alan Wake it was unresponsive for like 45 mins xD

Holy crap, It just injected, Thanks alot for the help!

It will give you errors while the file is transferring, check the transfer rate like 12MB/s.

Anther time it does it is if, you don’t have enough space left, it doesn’t tell you, well on mine it didn’t.

Recommend my app or Eaton’s app.
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Xtaf has a lot of bugs. CLK’s is much better.

****'s not threaded either. His HDD **** is the same as mine as well; he and I were talking while he was doing it and he asked if he could use my Handle creator/API class & FAT functions haha

Definitely use Party Buffalo.

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