Use any webcam as Kinect Sensor. [Real or Fake]

I say it’s fake, but who knows?


I don’t think anyone would go through all that editing for something that wouldn’t work.

I say legit due to ammount of effort.

EDIT: May be fake though. Kinect has alot of hardware in it that can’t just be copied onto a old webcam.

Fake due to the fact the Kinect has depth sensors. Not all webcams have those.

Lol. Kinect is a little more advanced than your average webcam.

yeah thats really fake


Infrared, RGB cameras, the way it sends packets to the Xbox… Fake.

Dude…that is so real…
-What is no one else using their Calculator as a Webcam? Mine works perfectly =)

Hahaha, supa fake. Pay attention to the offset allocations it’s “flashing” do you see a 0xS… hexadecimal offsets are from A-F 0-9 on top of all of that even if it was flashing the device it would have jacked up the onboard files something fierce because it flashed random ass allocations. It should have been 0x0 -> 0xB -> 0xF -> 0x6 -> 0x7 etc.


Fake and Gay, nothing about it seems real

Well Just Fake In My Words Is Spam.

And I Think This Is Fake As Kinect Has A Lot Of Thing’s What Makes It Be How It Is,And If This Wasnt Fake,I Wouldnt Use A Cheap Old Webcam,Kinect Is Fun And You Couldnt Make An Old Webcam Move Up And Down When You Switch Your Xbox On!:slight_smile:

The hex locations are completely wrong.

How fake is this…

Although it would be rather cool.

that is obv fake bro o.O kinect has a lot of technology in it

Fake, kinect is a lot more sophisticated then a cheap web cam

he asked real or fake so i gave him my answer f off