User Card Badge | What is dis?

What is “User Card Badge”?

An option we don’t use and as far as I know have no plans to. It just puts a little symbol on the bottom right hand like this:

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Ah i see, thanks for the help Chris :slight_smile:
This can be closed

No problem, I may actually see about getting something added to that for beta testers and a few other groups.

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For regulars too I hope. I could put a little snake there or something. :slight_smile:

We cannot/will not make it customizable. There will be preset ones that are unlocked. Of course we haven’t talked about this at all and that is just my take on how it would be done if we decided to use it.

Interesting. I think there’s potential to make a nice little feature with this.

more unlock with certain badge/achievements? more incentive to be active?

Correct, then beta testers and such would get special ones.

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It sounds like something you guys should implement. It can’t hurt. Anything that might get the site more active is a plus. We could have one that’s a controller icon or keyboard & mouse icon for Beta Testers, something like Chris’s avatar for admins/mods etc… Might as well take advantage of this feature if it’s already part of the software.


Could be cool