Username "User24665445777......"?

For a few months or so a bunch of users asking for support and such have these generic usernames, i.e User[insert random numbers here].

Are these people too lazy to come up with a “real” username or is there some sort of automated system that are behind this?

I had this teory that they are clon/bot accounts, since most of the issues they post were already solved and can be easily found using google or the searcher of wemod.

Leaked picture of sNaKe

The username was optional when registering an account on WeMod v1. Now it’s required, so we did that :smiley:

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That explains it, thanks!

Hey @sNaKe did you ever find a fix for the Bethesda launcher? If so let me know, I have the same issue here

Are talking about the distorted ui (visuals flipped and such)?

Apparently the buttons are still there and you can follow a guide that shows you when and where to press/type. Once fallout shelter is downloaded you can start it directly without having to navigate through the bethesda launcher.

Edit: This should be the guide I used: