Sorry about the idiotic title of this thread, I couldn’t think of a valid title for this thread haha. Basically this thread is about old usernames, usernames that are not being used at all or were just created say for so 9/4/2011 and were never used since that day, example below.

Open Me

Now other usernames that were created say for so 9/4/2011 again and last used sometime 10/4/2012, example below.

Open Me

Now you may ask, what is this thread even about? I am suggesting something that should be implemented into the site that would actually be a good idea for those users that want a cool username that represents their real name, Nick, John, Tyler, etc, or simply something that they like, Art, Gaming, Design, etc. These usernames are taken, and they are rarely even used or NEVER used at all.

This is vSneakyRaptor’s and my idea in a nutshell, say for so you see a username you like, John, Xbox, PS3, etc, but it is taken, what you would be able to is message a member of the staff, or post in the ask the staff thread saying can I have my username changed to [username you want] and how this would go is if your username is changed to a username that is signed up their will be a email sent to the username’s email they registered with saying… Hello, [Username they signed up with] your username has been changed to [Username given in replace to their original username] if you want your old username back reply to this email, and you will have your username given back.

Now you probably ask why is this important? This is important to all the members that wanted original names their first names, Jay, James, Nick, etc, or just simply something that describes them, Gaming, Art, etc. Also it would possibly bring back inactive members and motivate them to be active if they ever do check the email sent to them.

I did bring this idea up to Cheater912, shown here:

Open Me

I blocked out most of the message, except for the idea, the rest was not important at all.

Steve Wonda has brought up a good idea that I thought should be added to the thread. If you wanna change your username or have it changed to a “original” name then you would need to be a contributor to the site itself and be a member for a couple months, or possibly a year.

This is just something simple me and Luke thought about, and I thought it was a great idea to bring forth to all of the members of this site.

I see no problem with this. There should be some requirements though, mainly, the member asking for an already used name should be a known active member. Letting brand new members do this just doesn’t seem right to me, I think you should have to prove yourself as a good forum contributor before getting the change. Good idea guys.

Of course Steve, members who want this should at least be a member for little over a couple months, and is a contributor to the site. I will add this to the thread!

We can’t just take a username away because they don’t log into the site. It doesn’t mean that they still don’t use horizon. Everyone should have the right to keep their username.

Yes, Chris I do understand this, but also they will still have the right to keep their username, that’s why the email would be sent to the registered email with the account for they could take ownership of their username, but also by taking ownership of their old username it would revert the member’s username back to their previous username, like this say for so you wanted your username to be Xbox, and the original owner of the username Xbox wants that username back and he emails, when his username is changed back to Xbox, your username would change back to Chris.

I hope Cheater doesn’t mind but I feel I should explain why I was able to get the username James. It wasn’t just because he was inactive the account was literally dead Cheater said he never logged into Horizon or verified his email.

Open Me

I still think it’s a good idea but the staff or cheater would have to do almost a background check on each name that is wanted but good luck guys.

I didn’t say anything about the idea of you changing your username, I just mentioned your username.

Yeah I understand, I just thought maybe explaining how I was able to obtain the username would maybe help in this situation / thread.

Oh okay, but also there is members who did use Horizon and used to sign in, but now they are inactive and never get on anymore.

I disagree with this idea.

I agree with him disagreeing. It’s fine if the name of the account has not done anything such as even logging in, but I’m seeing a lot of threads of old timers coming back. Taking away their name will just leave them in a confused state and with a slight chance of anger when they return. It’s just my opinion.

Yes, but they will be emailed saying if they want their original username back to just reply back with some information and they would revert the username back to their original username and whoever had their original username would revert back to their previous username.

It’s a good idea, but things have to be taken into consideration other than the forum itself…

Whist you might notice they haven’t been online since last year or what not, you are not sure if they still use Horizon, as the ‘last login’ doesn’t show on the forum when you log into Horizon, also, if someone does have a username, it’s unique to them when they sign up, they shouldn’t have it changed and personally, it doesn’t seem professional when you get an email saying, “Hello [_____], your username has been changed.”, also, if the user hasn’t got access to his/her email anymore, they can’t get into their account.

There are certain things you have to look at, but that’s my opinion how I see it.

I totally agree, and I know it doesn’t seem professional when you get a email saying that, but how else are you going to contact the member? I mean if they don’t have access to their email anymore, then you can’t contact the member at all unless you contact them through private message or so.

Another option would just be to implement a display name.

Have the feature require a certain amount of posts / thanks / diamond and then allow members to create a name that is in front of their username.

Horizon’s login would still be the username, but the display name would be for the forums.

Yeah that would be a great idea.

Seems a lot of hassle for something so menial. It’s just a username, your name doesn’t dictate who you are or what you do; it’s merely a handle to distinguish us all from one another. Yes, so we all want a username we can’t have because someone got it first, that’s just tough. Pruning for the sake of vanity and having something you want isn’t something I agree with really. Sure it’d make some of the more active members happy in the short term, but that’s the only positive I see in this whole thing.