Using a .ct extension


I’m relatively new to WeMod so forgive my unacquaintance with this platform. (Excuse to save the little dignity I still have initiated).

I’ve been trying to find a table for the game Townsmen - A kingdom rebuilt for some time and I have now discovered one. Is there a way to run the table through the WeMod engine or do I need to download a seperate engine?

If it’s the latter, can anyone recommend one?

Welcome to the community.

WeMod does not have a feature that allows people to run .ct files. WeMod is a much more advanced software that allows gamers to safely launch in-company built trainers.

CT files are Cheat Engine files, usually made by random, untrusted individuals from random places on the internet and have nothing to do with WeMod - you use them at your own risk. You will need Cheat Engine to run them. We cannot give you support for third-party software here.