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Using hex workshop

what file do i need to use for hexing diablo 3 vanilla on the hex workshop

What are you trying to edit? If it’s your save you want to edit then go ahead and find where save data for Diablo 3 is stored on your HDD and open that file in the hex editor. A simple web search will usually tell you where to find it. I’ve had to do it in the past when trying to hex edit PC game saves. Good luck!

Edit Also make a backup of your working original unmodified save or file just in case you corrupt it while editing it. I usually take my original save/file and zip it. This will always keep it safe as you can keep extracting a copy of it to try and edit again until you get a working modified save/file. You can always revert back to that original save/file at anytime. Better save than sorry!

so i use the d3save to edit on hex or is it heroes file because i trying to edit a gem to a higher dose of exp unless you have a higher exp gem or gear and also how could i do this i trying to find my gear and stuff and it dont show up but when i hex skyrim it works fine