Using wemod for l4d2

I opened left 4 dead 2 with wemod and I got a message that said “I opened the game with -insecure” so I closed out of left 4 dead 2 straight away. Will I be vac banned for that? I know we can use cheats on single player mode but Im not sure what that message means.
Thank you

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

The issue you are having is nothing to do with WeMod. It’s a common issue that is reported quite often in the game’s Steam and Reddit communities.

WeMod does not make cheats to work online. Cheating online to ruin the experience of the game for other people is a very unsporting thing to do. Though to be on the safe side, WeMod should not be injected (in other words the button should not be saying “Playing”) when you try to access an online game mode. :slight_smile:

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