V Rising Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Nothing is working at the moment on any modes to my knowledge, still. Stay posted y’all. Keep in mind, if its a private server or a friends server, request adminauth, use console command which can be enabled at the main menu… You’ll essentially be able to utilize all of the same features. . sort of. lol


Could I have some suggestions for some new cheats?

  • instant night cheat
  • more movement speed for the player
  • 0 cooldown on skills
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how to use online mode

you can’t, risk for ban

all the cheats works here to :slight_smile:

Assuming I am running a private server with no PVP just doing PVE with my friends, can I still use these cheats and have my friends not be affected?

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does it work on official server pve ?

It will only work in solo games.


Alright, thanks for that trainer!

I’ve downloaded the game and some of the cheats don’t work for me

1, 2, 3, and 7 don’t work at all, the rest does, I think it’s due to a patch of the game i am not sure, i’ll wait to an upload of the trainer to have these cheats work, thank you :slight_smile:


Same number 7 don’t work for me


Same here - Might be the patch update. Awesome job getting these out on an early access game.

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Please update to May 31st Client Patch 0.5.41669

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works fine for me

is it work for coop with friend ? or just for solo only?

I cannot get any of the “Player” ones to work,
the will toggle on, but nothing happens,
the same thing for st stats one too (Super Physical Power)

However all the “Inventory” one work just fine


Is there any reason we can do this on private dedicated servers with friends, especially if there’s no pvp and we’re all in the same clan? If we aren’t pvping and we’re just playing together, I would hope there wouldn’t be an issue…I’d really like to be able to at least have the unlimited inventory and durability so that I can make it a bit easier to get items and keep them once they’ve been made.


i have a problem with V rising and cheat code

dont work for me, all cheatr code dont work

i have the game since 2 days

please help me

had an issue today where the super physical power stopped working, not sure why coz it worked yesterday.
also i was fighting one of the bosses, the elf, lvl 37 i believe that summons fairies or something, and it started taking damage on me, barely managed to survive by running away from it. (this was while the unlimited health was turned on)

not sure what’s causing these changes as i’ve made sure to play singleplayer the whole time and followed the cheat instructions for the super physical power (the one that didn’t work at all today)


after further testing, i managed to get the super physical power to work again, however it seems to sometimes work, and sometimes not work. same with the health, as sometimes i get downed even though it’s turned on. not sure if it’s enemy specific or not yet.

on a bright note, the game is a lot of fun, i recommend it.

I have the same issues as @Kalfax… Physical Powers was working as intended, but has suddenly stopped working. Infinite Durability is no longer working as well.

How do you get the power working again? Tried everything I can think of…