V Rising Cheats and Trainer for Steam

WeMod makes Mods only for solo version of games :slight_smile:

Super Speed lasts forever, even after turnign option off, exiting the game and reloading my chracter is now super speed, i tried killing myself, still super fast after respawning, any way to undo, or do i need to restart the entire game?

  1. Turn it off
  2. Go To Wolf Form
  3. Get out of Wolf Form

Awesome trainer ! Only missing no skills cooldown and it would be perfect . Hope you add that soon


After the latest hotfix the F2 - Unlimited blood / F3- Max Blood Quality /F5 - Unlimited Durability/ F7- Duper Speed are not working anymore ^^


+1 needs update

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Yup. Can confirm. Unlimited blood, max blood quality, unlimited durability and super speed are not working after the Secrets of Gloomrot hotfix #4

when will this get an update?

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It’ll be cool to have invisibility mod and a instant day/night cycle

also edit the game is being updated as we type

The V Rising cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

the super speed one is bugged. its effect its permanent, i disable it, closed the game and we mod, turn off/on my pc and reopened the game without activating it and i have its effect

ok found how to get back to normal speed, just used the wirlwhind skill of the sword

Okay, did what had to be done, now, the cheats do work, but for some reason, I can’t use my bat form, and when I try to teleport using waygates, it fails because somehow I have something on me that doesn’t allow me to use them, when I don’t. I get the error “You cannot use this when you have resources that cannot be teleported.” I found out it is one of the advanced ruleset settings I had on. I couldn’t use any waygates if I had any blood-bound items on me. I decided to start over on a new server with that disabled.