Vac cheat detection

i want to use wemod to get unlimited money on dishonored2 and other singleplayer games, but my friends told me that vac will see it as a cheat. is that true?

Dishonored 2 isn’t a VAC protected game( Vac is generally only used for multiplayer servers or games where single player stats can carry over to MP. You can always add -insecure to the launch parameters which disables vac for the game but you won’t be able to play in any vac enabled server.

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No it isn’t true.

I would be banned first and foremost

I have no idea where people get this idea that vac has anything to do with single player games.


All is said, i add that you can check in the Steam Store if a game is VAC protected

(check where is pointing the red thingie, that some people call arrow)