Valheim Cheats and Trainer for Steam

currently even in single player unlock all blueprint and no craft requirement isn’t working

it’s working fine for me, are you using the right key combinations?

Every single cheat is working for me, I’ve used them all for dozens of hours over the last week

i am manually activating them it just doesn’t do anything it only worked once randomly and never again

You are using the steam version of the game with the steam version of the trainer, right?

Ich habe keine Ahnung was da steht und was wo hin kommt.
Es wäre schön wenn hier etwas in meiner Muttersprache stehen würde, nähmlich Deutsch…!
Und bitte einmal Valheim auf Steam aktualisieren. Vielen Dank und schönen Tag soweit.

It needs to be updated plz and thank you.

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Was genau muss aktualisiert werden - bei funktionieren alle Cheats.

Which cheats do not work for you? I am using all of them successfully on the latest game version.

well, for me the god mode and unlimited health cheat dont work

I had issues with some not working. Fix was to launch the game by clicking play in wemod. If I launched the game first then clicked play things didn’t work.

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Some functions of the trainer do not work correctly or do not work at all. Update please.

I haven’t been able to use cheats for Valheim in over a month now. It keeps saying “These cheats may not work with your game version. Do you want to test them out anyways?”. It is rather annoying, can the creators update Valheim’s WeMod so it can correspond with the latest version of the game?

Unlimited Health/Stamina, Unlimited Items, unlimited tool durability, and one-hit kill are all working.