Valheim Cheats and Trainer for Steam

cheats work online,yes,but so do Console commands ,like God mode etc
Despite the updates,everything seems to be working great!!! :0)

yes,it does,but console commands like god (mode) work in multi and single also. this game is to play with friends,it does have sophisticated anti-cheats yet.

Works perfectly on Multiplayer, my friends don’t realise I’m using this and its very fun to suprise them with 10 forests worth of Wood :joy: But yes it works on multiplayer perfectly fine and doesn’t affect their game. not sure about Game Speed though, would avoid using that online as it might crash everyone. not sure

All mods work online, not tested game speed online but I imagine that won’t since it would probably cause issues. But yes, the rest work on multiplayer

Are you the host? or do the cheats also work if you just join somebody else

These trainers are not made to use online / multiplayer you guys saying some cheats dont work that’s not on us that’s you these are made for singleplayer use only

Yeah I’m not sure why but these aren’t working for me. I didn’t wanna test these on my main character so I made a new world and character and nothing. not even godmode

Large portion of them don’t work in singleplayer to begin with my guy nor did they even before the update.

As a few already mentioned, the trainer does not work at all for me. And yes, I am hosting, I am single player, nothing working. Latest version for this game i am assuming. The only one that pops up when searched for.

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Hello, thanks for the trainer.
One suggestions if possible, a “reveal all map option”. I would be curious to see how big it is.

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I was joining my friend, so he was the host, worked fine

that would be amazing

Thanks for this.
A small suggestion for this and other trainers: The game speed should be a toggle and a slider. the toggle switches from “normal speed” to “speed in slider” and back.

It’d make it SO much easier to use (in all games really) but this game the UI won’t work properly at anything over 2x

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As soon as you turn off the build cheat the recipes are removed from your build menu. These do work in multiplayer, although it may or may not affect players and mobs around you. For instance, instant destroy also affects NPC characters and can affect other players that do not have WeMod. Better to NOT use these in multiplayer unless the people you are playing with are aware you have them. Unintended consequences could be broad.

This has not been my experience, some of the cheats affect mobs and some affect other players around you. Had some greylings destroy parts of my building in one hit while I was chopping down trees with instant destroy. Another player was doing the same and did not have Wemod installed or running. I would suggest NOT using these in multiplayer unless others know you are using them and are ok with it.

I never tried that online so I wouldn’t know and never saw a NPC do it, but I will take your word for it

Hey, would be cool if you added a toggle to allow taking all types of items through the portal (like metals).

Try again, wasn’t working a few days ago for me, but now works fine.

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I’ve tried it and it works

is there any way you could possibly split the no crafting requirements and the blueprints cheat into 2 separate ones?

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There would be no way to do this ( to my knowledge ) as the game unlocks blueprints for you based on resources you have. To have “no craft requirements” the cheat basically tells the game that you all the resources. This would unlock all blueprints.

think they just updated something as the “god” mode and unlimited health don’t work anymore