Vampire Survivors (2.39 Euros Steam)

Hello, I’ve just find a really great game !(and the price for it are ridiculous =) )
It’s look like the old castelvania on NES console(items and skins) but not for the rest

I recommand who’s read this to look on youtube at your favorite streamer and try if you like

For me, I’m there to ask if it possible to cheat and crack the gold to buy quickly power up and make the game easier :smiley:

Thank’s for reading me and have a great day :wink:

Vampire Survivors Cheats and Trainers for PC - WeMod


Would also like to see this mod put up for Vampire Survivors!

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To many update regularly
Best edit the file into the folder to cheat
(D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Vampire Survivors\resources\app\.webpack\renderer)
Open main.bundle.js with Txt windows, CTRL+F and look for the garlic damage(or others weapon)
The line is this one and like you can see, the number of damage are 0.5 basic and mine, over powered :wink:


Enjoy the hack and share if someone ask the tips :slight_smile:

ps: they’re 2 hidden character one is a gost and need the write quickly

  • In the main menu, type x-x1viiq
    A sound as made and the character are unlocked
    For death(MissingNo) it’s tricky because I’ve try with the damage hack ; but I take damage myself and die quickly
    Otherwise, put a billion in damage and one shot death to unlock the character
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I literally just discovered this a couple of hours ago. My magic wand does in total 22 million damage lol
maxed out coins and all my weapons are op now haha

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Yeah, that’s great to be OP like hell :heart:
The only thing are to backup your main file(in case if your change ruin the game)

It’s great have a new clone of castlevania NES
I’m miss this great game with belmont, alcucard and dracula :slight_smile:

Heres a thing thats weird, it says the game isn’t supported cause its multiplayer… yet other MP games are? And the steam page CLEARLY says SINGLEplayer


I’m afraid there’s another part to that message on the WeMod app.


The game is not supported at this time due to the technical aspects of the game.

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That’s sad, but not critical to mod or cheat the game ourself :wink:
I’ve start a topic to kill death and unlock MissingNo on steam

For quick lesson, you can edit a file into the main game file and became almost immortal to kill the beast and play with :slight_smile:

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What would a technical aspect of the game be? Would it be that it’s new?

Do you mean Notepad?

Most likely the game engine it’s based around. But the trainer creators would know more.

Thanks for that btw. Everything a trainer has is basically in this file. I edited everything from power per weapon to area of damage. You’re a g.

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That’s pretty interesting honestly. I would not have ever guessed that! Thanks for the help. And it’s a good thing @JePrendSoinDeMoi told us about that file and how we can change the DPS of weapons and whatnot. Basically a trainer in itself haha. :+1:

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WHEN will wemod provide a “trainer” for this awesome game???
Its one of top sold games since weeks!

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There will not be a trainer for this game due to the engine used.

damn. is it such a hassle with that engine or can you tell us what engine it is? Weird thing is, not even other trainers exist for this game yet…
But thanks for letting us know.

The game uses gamemaker studio. You will never find a trainer due to the way the engine works.


No trainer will exist ever, please scroll up just a tad to see how you can “mod” the game. It’s rather simple, it’s just that you will have to do it over and over again with every new update.

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what was the code for coins? please

The game got a new engine. There is now a UnityCrashHandler64.exe within the game dir so it should be now unitygame engine. I think it should be possible to create a trainer for this version.

  • Right-click the game in your Steam Library
  • Go to Properties
  • Go to Betas
  • Enter the beta access code “newenginepls”

Please note this will run in parallel with the JS version for months, until everything is smoothed out. New content will be delivered on both versions