Various MineCraft Hacks

Okay, so anyone who has play MineCraft Alpha/ Beta for a good amount of time knows that sometimes you don’t want to have to gather materials or sit through the nighttime, you just want unlimited materials so you can build nonstop, like it was in the original MC. Well luckily there are many hacks and mods for MineCraft. Here are some:

  • InvEdit

     [details=Open Me]My personal favorite. This allows you to open your MineCraft savefiles and edit your inventory. You can place any item you want and any number of them. (The program allows you to stack any item you want up to 255.) You can also edit the damage on items like armour, weapons, and tools. You can set the damage all the way down to -32657, which basically means it's not going to break for a long long long time.

Download Link:
Original Release thread for instructions and whatnot: INVedit - Minecraft Forums[/details]

  • MineEdit

     [details=Open Me]I haven't used this one as much, but it's still a great tool. It's an AIO MineCraft editor. It allows you to edit you inventory, player position, health, etc. It also has a map generator thingy with custom options.

Download Links:
Source Code:

Installation may be confusing so here’s the original thread with installation and general program instructions: MineEdit All-In-One Editor (Last Updated 11/21/2010) - Minecraft Forums [/details]

  • SkinEdit

     [details=Open Me] I love this program. It allows you to edit what your player looks like. Only problem: if you're using the cracked version, you'll have to reinstall your skin every time you update MineCraft.
     Download Link: [ - Solidfiles](
     Original Thread w/ instructions: [SkinEdit - New version 3rd of June - Minecraft Forums](
     [Minecraft Skins | The BEST Free Minecraft Skins]( is also a great place to find skins if you don't want to spend time making one.[/details]
  • MCEdit

     [details=Open Me]This one can be a bit laggy and hard to use, but it's pretty useful when you get used to it. It allows you to edit your maps. You can delete any blocks and place any blocks or items. It also allows you to change your character's position and spawn position, which is extremely helpful.
     Download Link: [MCEdit Alpha 78 [Updated Jan 16] - Minecraft Forums](
     Original Thread: [MCEdit Alpha 78 [Updated Jan 16] - Minecraft Forums](


All programs should be working with MineCraft Beta v1.2_02.
If you have other programs you’d like me to add, please post them.

  • Texture Packs:

     Here is a large list of great texture packs for MineCraft. If you haven't tried adding texture packs to MC, I suggest you give it a go. It makes the game much more interesting and entertaining.

Texture Pack Central/ Mod List - Minecraft Forums

  • Server Mods

     [details=Open Me][b]CuboidPlugin v18 for hMod.[/b] This allows you to restrict, back up, restore, and create/delete blocks with a few commands. You will need hMod build 132 or higher to use this.

Here is the thread you can get instructions/ download links off: [EDIT-SEC] CuboidPlugin v18 for hMod [132]

   [b]Lightweight Chest+Furnace Protection & Management.[/b]Allows you to proctect your chests and furnaces with three different modes: Public, Password, and Private.

Download for BUKKIT:
Download for hMod/ kMod:

  [b]Flashlight.[/b] Torch mod, making light shine all around you when you're holding a torch, so you don't have to waste them.

Download link:

   [b]Magic Tricks v2.6.[/b] A program with many fun MineCraft mods, including: noClip, which lets you fly, rain, which places a block of water above you (useful if you are on fire), miraclegrow, which makes planted saplings instantly grow very tall, LightSaber, which instantly destroys any block, and many more. Very useful.

Download link:

   [b]Updatr.[/b] A rpgram which automatically checks for updates on all plugins your server is running. Great for large server hosters.

Download Link:
Instructions Thread: [MAN/ADMIN] Updatr v0.2.2 [133] [/details]

just gonna leave these here
mixcraft: â—„Mixcraft - SemiRealistic HD Pack (v24) New Sandstone!â–º - Minecraft Forums

I was thinking about adding texture packs to the list. I guess I will.

oh yah man!

essential minecraft server mods | Bukkit Forums
this is a massive thing that basically starts out your server, you can use the original hey0 too which is found here
hMod Forums - Unofficial hMod Builds
cuboid: [EDIT-SEC] CuboidPlugin v18 for hMod [132]
a powerful plug-in that lets you restrict, back up, restore, and create/delete blocks with a few commands. this is very powerful and if used by nub cakes can crash your server
light weight chest protection: [SEC] LWC 1.44 :: Lightweight Chest+Furnace Protection & Management
this allows you to protect chests from other users with passwords or without
flashlight: [MISC] Flashlight v0.4 [133]
when you equip a torch light instantly shines around you so you don’t have to waste your torches
magictricks: [FUN] Magic Tricks v2.6 [b124] - NoClip trick added!
a fun plug in that allows additional features to spice up minecraft like pets, no-clip, and more. great if you want to help donators even more
updater: [MAN/ADMIN] Updatr v0.2.2 [133]
This is a plugin-updater system that I’d like to eventually be seamless and complete, allowing servers that are running 15 - 20 plugins at once to easily check if there are updates and update all of them at once. However, I’d also like it to be extremely easy for plugin developers to get their plugins working with the system.

will add these to the thread tomorrow

Skin edit isn’t a hack at all.
You should rename the thread to “Minecraft Tools”.

Use these hacks on my server and I just might kill you.

Don’t worry, I don’t want to be on your server. Also, you can only use them on servers if you’re the host.

server mods added.

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